Our current clients are leaders in the ICT and transport sectors, with relationships also being formed in the emergency services sector. Our solutions enable our clients to reduce cost in delivery of services both in ICT and transport services, as well as communicate and do business more easily with there mobile assets and sites.
Our clients are constantly looking at ways of utilising ICT and The Network Groups products and services enable them to leverage technology anywhere at anytime. We pride ourselves on giving our clients exactly what the require by tailoring our solutions to the specific need or situation building on our standardized modules and framework. Our solutions have reduced cost of operational and delivery functions with a well proven return on investment.

New Clients?

If you are interested in our remote site or field based ICT solutions please contact us and we can analyse your business needs to look for best fit solutions.
If you have remote sites, mobile sites, or a larger service network that needs testing, monitroing, remote access and management we can offer you one smart and simple solution.
Our solutions are smart; we can build in any application that you might require all in one small device; link tests, GPS location, environmental monitoring, power management, event correlation, end user messaging, file store and forward, and cloud based ICT services.
Rail industry solutions!
NetSense provides mobile gateway and telemetry solutions for trackside and locomotive business functions. The G2 fleet management and alerting server is key to operational efficiency, giving rail and train operators a realtime view of their remote and mobile communications network.
The rail industry relies heavily on data acquisition from the field to run operations efficiently. Data acquisition and the network equipment used to carry the data have often been separated into different functions. Often the communications network and environment is not part of the "business" data acquisition and thus when a modem or network fails there is no real correlation or process relationships identifying the underlying issues that may cause important telemetry data to be lost or in error. Data network monitoring and management is either a secondary consideration or done by a completley separate entitiy and thus may not be efficient or even available.
NetSense is utilised in the rail industry to monitor remote trackside communications and to backhaul important telemetry data. The NetSense remote monitoring system not only performs important environmental data acquisition but also provides a layer of telemetry and monitoring for the underlying communications network. This enables the rail industry to continue focusing on the critical business data while NetSense ensures the business is informed of underlying data communications and site ICT environmental attributes that are important to its operation.

Client Updates:

  • GTS IP - GTS ethernet test solutions are now capable of IP and QOS testing for services with multiple queues. The GTS IP test solution can be tailored with control either from the remote engineers or the centalised management servers.


  • NetSense Probe - Software release 3.36 is available NetSense Probe now includes UPS remote monitoring and managment. Our latest customer is running a fleet of 80+ probes that give them up to the minute diagnoses of all sites including mobile sites - ships. 


  • NetSense G2 Terminator -The G2 device is here! this enables customers to utilize ICT technolgy any where any time. The Terminator devices will connect to the central control server via any one of the remote WAN technologies and provide valuable data back to your business. With powerful micro PC architecture they are capable of running end user applications such as telemetry, management, and wide area network communications


  •  NetSense Probe generation one is now end of support - The Netsense Probe has served for 4 years now and will be replaced by the G2 devices. The G2 offers scale-ability and flexibility utilizing the latest in todays network technology as well as support for many future protocols and standards including IPv6.
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