NetSense and Asset Management

posted Mar 17, 2011, 1:34 PM by Dean McCormack   [ updated Jul 2, 2012, 7:06 PM ]
G2 probes now have RFID capability!
Not only does the solution offer the following functions: 
  • Remote site monitoring of environment and network devices, including power
  • Remote access under fault condition
  • Automated diagnostics and level 1 checks
  • Last resort route via mobile interface
  • GPS position  
The G2’s also offer Asset management capability:
RFID wireless interface, monitoring and recording – this could be very useful to your business for asset management and conforming to ITIL best practice. Each asset or managed device distributed to customer sites or in the stores is tagged with a passive RFID (each tag cost a few cents). The G2 probes can be placed on site, in cabinets and read the RFID’s in the comms room cabinet, or nearby to placement. This information is in turn uploaded to the central monitoring system and CMDB. Devices do not need to be connected to the network or even turned on to be able to track where the assets are or aren't, all in real time.
This means that if a router is swapped out or returned to store – as long as it is tagged and close to a probe it will be registered in the database systems with location and reference ID, and thus all warranty and support records are automatically up to date at all times. No need to make sure the network management is setup, or manually doing swap out key entry, updating records etc.
Possible components:
  • Location ID – this would be reported by the probe either using its static site name or GPS reference
  • Device ID – this would be read from the devices tag and sent via the probe along with location ID
  • Time Stamp – Date and time registered – or removed
Although it might not be viable to install probes in customer sites just for asset management RFID, it would make sense if all or some of the functions combined were implemented as a multi function solution. For example: combining network/environment monitoring, remote access, and asset management into one solution onsite can lead to reduced cost, value add and system efficiency. Remember this is separate from the network services, NetSense is completely self reliant and does not require the main network service to be present for it to operate and perform its functions.
NetSense G2 offers efficiency in the following processes:
  • Install management
  • Asset management
  • Operations management
  • Change management
  • Incident management