NetSense G2 with Wifi 802.11N

posted Feb 6, 2012, 4:58 PM by Dean McCormack   [ updated Jul 2, 2012, 7:04 PM ]
The Netsense gateway solution incorporates the probe monitoring with wide area networking capability. The G2 gets a new release Wifi interface to enable WLAN connectivity without the requirement to cable a remote site. This enables the Netsense solution to become an integral part of a remote ICT requirement in industries such as mining, exploration, telecommunications, transport and any other business with isolated data acquisition or remote control requirements.
NetSense's smart fleet management software provides a fully managed and monitored overlay to ensure all sites and gateways are operating as expected 24/7.
NetSense G2 gateway features:
WLAN 802.11N radio interface
3G WWAN quad band WCDMA Dual SIM
Dual Fast Ethernet interfaces
GPS interface
Multi USB,Serial interfaces
Power relay interface
Optional interfaces including serial bus, RFID, Low frequency radio
Onboard battery backup (upto 2 hour operation)
GRE/IPSEC/OpenVPN tunneling
Network address translation
IP Firewall
NAT and access control 
Routeing (RIPv2, OSPF)
IPv4, IPv6
Telemetry monitoring/data acquisition and relay
Remote access and control software
Central management and monitoring suite