Products and Services

GTS is an IP test solution consisting of field based testers and a central server environment. This enables providers to quality assure their network services to a customer upon install, verifying QOS, throughput and other SLA bound attributes, The following table outlines the components:
NetSense Probe
The NetSense probe solution is a patented client server solution that enables large network operators to monitor and manage their remote site environments from the site without the need for field personnel. An intelligent probe device senses changes in network and environmental conditions on a site and immediately correlates the events and provides alerts or actions. A NetSense probe solution can save an enterprise thousands of dollars in incident management.
 The G2 solution is the forefront of remote application solutions. The G2 is a remote site network and application solution that enables a business to provide unparalleled ICT services to even the most remote location. The G2 is capable of almost any field application due to TNG's "base framework" solution development cycle and scale-able architecture


  • IP test Solutions
  • Remote Network monitoring solutions
  • Remote site management
  • Remote telemetry solutions
  • Remote communications access
  • Mobile gateway solutions
  • Mobile application solutions
  • Remote store and forward solutions


  • GTS IP provider network service test solution
  • NetSense Probe remote network monitoring and management solution
  • NetSense Terminator device remote application solution